Password reset

At end of the year 2020 will be Hostel IdP shutdown.

Password reset can be done by the application, which can do it either by X509 certificate (for users with verified identities), or by emailu (for other users).

User with verified identity but without X509 certificate have to visit registration office. There will be checked his ID card and then his password reset. It is necessary to make an appointment before the visit!

An appointment with a registration officer make by e-mail

Using email

Password can be reset using email. On page is posiible to fill in email address and then get unique URL for password reset.

Tato method is available only for users without identity verification.

Using X509 certificate

Application on URL allows password reset to users with valid X509 certificate. This certificate is used for login to the application. Therefore the certificate must be in user's browser.

Certificate must be registered with the Hostel IdP account before password reset. Password reset application recognizes only subject of certificate and issuing CA. It is possible to have different certificate with the same subject and issuing CA in users's browser while reseting password.

List of recognized CAs:

  • Personal Signing
  • TERENA Personal CA
  • TERENA eScience Personal CA


In case of error or net being able to use either method please contact us on address

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