Identity verification

At end of the year 2020 will be Hostel IdP shutdown.

Identity verification procedure is intended for authentication of user's personal data and proof of organizational affiliation and electronic identity registered in Hostel IdP.

For authentication of user's personal data is used eithed personal identification card od passport. In authentication is checked and stored followinng data:

  • first name
  • surname
  • proof of organizational affiliation (use document generated on HostelIdP only). Document will be generated after login and filling apropriate data. This document shall be verified by your organization.

An appointment with a registration officer make by e-mail, appointment can be in Prague, in Brno or in PlzeŇą.

Correspondence identity verification

If you have the personal CESNET CA3 certificate, you can do the correspondence identity verification.

Fill in the document ‚ÄúProof of organizational affiliation‚ÄĚ mentioned above and send it to:

Hostel IdP
CESNET, z. s. p. o.
Zikova 4
160 00  Praha 6
Czech Republic

At the same time send an email signed with your CESNET CA3 certificate to and ask for correspondence identity verification.

After successful checking between the data in document ‚ÄúProof of organizational affiliation‚ÄĚ and CESNET CA/CA3 archive will be your Hostel IdP account set as verified.

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